Using SelExL to populate subset databases

SelExL is a software package designed to allow the population of test databases with a referentially correct subset of data from another database, normally production. This overall process has two stages:

  • Planning and Configuration (only required once for each source production database)
  • On-going use of SelExL

On-going use of SelExL

After the one-off planning and configuration work is complete SelExL can be put to use. There are essentially two steps

  1. Determining the data to extract This is simple a case of providing SelExL with a list of values to extract in a file. These values will be for a business item. For example customer ids, account numbers, patient ids, whatever is appropriate for your system.
  2. Running SelExL to perform the extract and load processing. You can run SelExL in one of two modes, either as a combined extract and load or as separate extract and load processes using files for intermediate storage.

For full details on using SelExL please go to our Download Page where you will be able to download the latest copies of the SelExL Installation and Quick Start Guide and SelExL User Guide.

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