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Producing referentially correct data subsets

Businesses require high quality applications to help them stay ahead in today’s highly competitive global economy. One of the keys in developing and maintaining a high quality application is rigorous and thorough testing. This requires the right test environment with the right test data.

SelExL allows you to extract the data you require from a production Oracle database and load it into a test database whilst maintaining referential integrity. This means you can have the data you need in a test database when you need it. Once you have completed the initial configuration all you have to do is specify the data you want and SelExL will populate a test database with this "database subset". See Why subset databases to find out more about database subsets and their benefits.

Specifying the data required is simply a case of providing SelExL with a list of values for the appropriate business item. For example with a banking system it might be account numbers, a customer relationship management system probably customer ids and a health care system maybe patient ids.

To find out more about SelExL and how it can help your business please download the SelExL datasheet.

If you would like a free trial of SelExL then please go to our Download page.

For some example situations where SelExL can be used please go to When to use SelExL.

For an introduction on how to use SelExL please go to Using SelExL.

Here are some of SelExL’s additional key features:

  • Multi-streamed data extract and data loading
  • Optional server based installation so SelExL can leverage the full processing power of the database server.
  • Option to extract the data to files and load from these files at a later time
  • Wildcard data extraction allows you to use wildcards when providing SelExL with list of values to extract e.g. %01 to signify all account numbers ending in 01.

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